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RowdMap sits between technology, data, policy and healthcare transformation. As the business model behind healthcare moves from Fee for Service to Pay for Value and newly liberated data meets cutting edge data science and technology, RowdMap has been making headlines.


RowdMap, Inc. Helps Payers, Providers Move to Value-Based Care

"As CMS Opens the Data Vault, Entrepreneurs Build a How-to-Use-It Guide. CMS’s data-liberation movement is helping to accelerate the transition to value- and risk-based payment systems. For payers and providers, the trick is knowing what to do with the data." - Managed Care

RowdMap, Inc. and U.S. News Partner to Help Consumers

"It's no secret that patients often undergo unnecessary procedures that can be dangerous and costly. Through our collaboration with RowdMap, we are providing patients with meaningful information about these no- or low-value treatments, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions about their doctors, hospitals and medical care." - US News and World Report

RowdMap, Inc. Co-Founder on Public Good through Market Forces

The government has the data and the private sector has the innovators. How can the two join forces to make us healthier and reform the nation’s health care system? NPR interview of Todd Park, United States Chief Technology Officer, Josh Rosenthal, Co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer, RowdMap, Inc. and Bryan Sivak, Chief Technology Officer, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Additional Press

RowdMap Joins Leaders from HHS, ONC, AcademyHealth on American University Graduate Degree Advisory Council

RowdMap, Inc. Chief Market Officer, Marshall Votta and Chief Scientific Officer, Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, joins American University’s Master of Science in Healthcare Management Advisory Council alongside leaders from ONC, HHS and AcademyHealth. With the transition from fee-for-service to pay-for-value in the United States healthcare system, there is a renewed demand for versatile, data-driven leadership. RowdMap leadership will join American University in building the infrastructure to support this systemic change in the economics of delivery in healthcare.

RowdMap Joins CVS, Walgreens, Harvard Medical School on Evolution of Risk-Ready Primary and Urgent Care

RowdMap, Inc. joins leaders from Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Harvard Medical School, and Carnegie Mellon University, at the 2017 ConvUrgentCare Strategy Symposium. RowdMap will present how urgent and primary care providers are using government benchmark data to control patient flows within delivery system and create chains of high-value care in order to reduce risk and unnecessary cost for patients and payers.

RowdMap Joins AcademyHealth Datapalooza Steering Committee to Showcase Public Benchmarks Driving Value-Based Care

RowdMap, Inc. joins representatives from HHS, CMS, Providence Health and Services, Ochsner Health Network, Tenet Healthcare and AcademyHealth on the Health Datapalooza 2017 Steering Committee, a public-private event dedicated to using open health data to improve healthcare. Event will include a focus on the power of public data to transform delivery of health care in changing economic models.

RowdMap Featured for Medical Economic Work Evolving the Delivery of Primary Care

RowdMap featured in industry report economic impact pay-for-value models for primary care. Primary care increasing serves as coordinator of downstream care including specialty providers. Using government benchmark data on patient flows and referrals, as well as financial impact of reducing low-value care, is driving success for providers moving from fee for service payment models.

RowdMap Featured in Managed Care Magazine for Reducing Low-Value Care

RowdMap, Inc.'s Risk-Readiness® Benchmarks, which covers ninety seven percent of providers, including individually physicians by name, and shows how much low-value care physicians create and what drives it, whether it stems from procedures, prescriptions, visits or referrals. "Providers that generate high-value care are creating value for whoever owns the risk and that can be quantified with specific dollar amounts."

US News Official Partner Speaks at US News on High-Value Care

RowdMap, Inc. and U.S. News & World Report, publisher of Best Hospitals and Doctors are partners in a collaboration to help patients make better health care decisions and avoid excessive medical procedures. RowdMap, Inc. joins Athena Health, Microsoft, Siemens, Bayer, 3M, Cincinnati Children's Hospital and Epic at U.S. News "HealthCare of Tomorrow" conference to speak on how to help payers and providers create high value care.

RowdMap Featured in Leading Urgent Care Industry Report

RowdMap was featured alongside Anthem, Carolinas Healthcare System, and American Family Care in a recently-published Urgent Care report for helping health plans and healthcare providers evolve primary care to deliver high-value care at lower intensity levels, coordinate referrals and capture value along the care path through value-based economic arrangements.

RowdMap Speaks at Valence Further2016 Conference on Managing Low-Value Care

RowdMap speaks on how healthcare companies can use newly released government data on populations and physicians to build clinically integrated networks (CINs) that deliver high-value care in order to succeed in value-based payment models. RowdMap joins the American Medical Association, Adventist Health, Trinity Health, Humana and the Centene Corporation.

RowdMap, Inc. Speaks at Health:Further Summit on Creating Public Good, Market Forces with High-Value Care

RowdMap, Inc. speaks on using market forces to create public good. Presentation focused on creating high-value networks to benefit payers, providers and consumers. RowdMap joins Amazon Web Services, Johnson & Johnson, Salesforce, Xerox and the Department of Health and Human Services at the event.

RowdMap, Inc. Helps Accelerate Payers, Providers Transition to New Payment Models

RowdMap, Inc. featured in Managed Care Magazine for using newly-released government data to help health plans and physicians and hospitals succeed in risk-based payment models. "CMS’s data-liberation movement is helping to accelerate the transition to value- and risk-based payment systems. For payers and providers, the trick is knowing what to do with the data."

RowdMap Joins CMS, CMMI, Johns Hopkins Healthcare and AMA at Auburn University Policy Conference

Joins Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, CMS Innovation Center (CMMI), Johns Hopkins Healthcare and American Medical Association at an Auburn University U.S. Healthcare Policy Conference in Washington, D.C. The lecture was on Low-Value Care and how identifying, quantifying and reducing it is key to success in value based programs and risk arrangements. Initiative Connects Users to Important Health Data to Support Research, Healthcare Innovation and Transparency

Article featuring RowdMap as example of leveraging the massive, centralized data resources to improve visibility into patient care, healthcare costs, risk analysis and other key performance indicators to improve quality of care around the world.

More Press

RowdMap, Inc. and U.S. News Partner to Help Consumers Make More Informed Decisions

RowdMap, Inc. announces a collaboration with U.S. News & World Report, publisher of Best Hospitals for more than 25 years. The partnership will help consumers make more informed health care decisions and avoid excess costs and potential risks from no-value and low-value care.

RowdMap Speaks at Optimal Aging Conference on Post-Acute Value Chains

RowdMap joined AARP, Kentucky One, and others speaking how high-value care vs. low-value care from patient referrals to post-acute settings determine economic viability in managed long term shared savings programs and risk programs.

RowdMap, Payers and Providers Author Paper on Sustainable Value-Based Health Care

RowdMap joins Health Care Transformation Task Force members including public payers and providers in authoring white paper on creating economically stable value-based programs through paying on low-value vs. high-value care.

Ashley Distler and Bryant Hutson Named to Leadership at RowdMap

Ashley Distler and Bryant Hutson named Vice President, Provider Strategy and Vice President, Payer Strategy to continue unprecedented expansion and service across 48 states, covering over 100MM patients and members.

RowdMap, Inc. Speaks on Reducing Low Value Care to Help Physicians and Health Plans Succeed with Jon Blum, Stephen Ondra and Ali Khan

RowdMap, Inc. Chief Scientific Officer, Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, Speaks on Using Open Health Data to Help Payers and Providers to Succeed in Transition from Fee for Service to Value Based Care Payment Models with leaders from CareFirst Blue Cross Blue Shield, HCSC (BCBS IL, MT, NT, OK, TX) and CareMore, an Anthem Company.

RowdMap, Inc. Organizers of Payer and Risk-Owning Provider Track at Health Datapalooza with Jon Blum, Paul Wallace, Niall Brennan and Kavita Patel

The Track is entitled, "P0wning Your Risk: Public Data and Bottom Line Impact for Real World Payers, Plans and Risk-Owners," and is designed to help health care entities moving to value based care and entering risk arrangements. RowdMap joins Brennan, CMS Chief Data Officer, and Patel, a Brookings Scholar former White House policy appointee.

RowdMap, Inc. Featured in Health Datapalooza's Innovation Showcase

RowdMap Inc., will be demonstrating how RowdMap uses publicly available government data to help health plans, physicians, and hospital systems succeed in pay-for-value programs. RowdMap joins AcademyHealth, Aetna Foundation, Xerox, The NewsHour, PwC, Surescripts.

Industry Leaders Marshall Votta, Josh Holmes and Laura Sandman Join RowdMap, Inc.

Marshall Votta, Josh Holmes and Laura Sandman have joined RowdMap, Inc. and will each take on key market and business development roles to drive RowdMap Inc.'s market growth across both health plans and provider organizations who use government benchmark data to identify, quantify and reduce low-value care in order to succeed in value based care.

RowdMap, Inc. Delivers Health Plan Alliance Risk-Readiness® Market and Provider Benchmarks

RowdMap delivers a benchmark analysis of Health Plan Alliance (HPA) members and their readiness to succeed in pay for value programs and risk arrangements at the HPA Spring Board of Directors meeting.

Valence Health Taps RowdMap to Improve Value-Based Solution Offerings

"By leveraging RowdMap's unique Risk-Readiness analytics, our combined offering allows providers and health plans to get rapid insight into their current ability to successfully take on risk-based arrangements, and take the necessary steps to ensure and optimize their success," said R. Andrew Eckert, CEO of Valence Health.

RowdMap, Inc. Speaks at National Association of ACOs on Using Government Benchmarks to Succeed in Risk

Ashley Distler, Senior Client Strategist at RowdMap, Inc., will be speaking at National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) on how provider organizations can use newly released government data on populations and physicians to better calculate risk, manage the health of a population and intervene and capture the value they create to succeed in new economic models for value based care.

RowdMap at HIMSS on Value-Based Population Health without HIT

RowdMap, Inc. Speaks at HIMSS on Using New Data on Populations and Providers to Succeed in New Value Based Payment Models, without IT. Historically HIT has focused on detailed and often painful efforts to get the most out of problematic data. New data, coupled with new technology are meeting new economic models to completely transform and disintermediate traditional HIT services and products and nowhere does that have more market traction than with public health data for value based care.

Even More Press

RowdMap, US News Partner to Educate Consumers on Healthcare Costs

While the health delivery system has been identifying no-value care to succeed in risk, little to none of this information has been available to consumers and patients. This collaboration helps empower patients to help them make better decisions.

Identifying Low-Value Care as Key to Value Based Success

RowdMap, Inc. Contributes to Health Care Transformation Task Force White Paper. The task force is comprised of 25 health insurances and 6 top health systems that have collectively committed to put 75% of their business into value based arrangements. Paper recommends identifying and reducing low-value care.

RowdMap Awarded Federal Trademark Certificate by US Patent Office for Provider and Network Risk-Readiness

RowdMap has been awarded a federal trademark by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for Risk-Readiness(R) covering the assessment and management of healthcare practices, facilitates, organizations, and provider networks. This reflects RowdMap's work identifying providers and networks capable of succeeding in risk-bearing and pay for value arrangements.

RowdMap, Inc. Hosts Health Plan Alliance Event on Risk Adjustment

RowdMap, Inc. hosts event at Health Plan Alliance’s Risk Adjustment & Revenue Cycle Management Value Visit, provides information to plans about how to use population health and provider performance to adjust for risk, design products for Exchange and Medicare Products to optimize financial pro forma.

Valence Health and RowdMap, Inc. Partner to Improve Provider and Payer Transition to Pay-for-Value Arrangements

Leading value-based care services and Risk-Readiness® solution to help transition hospitals, providers and health plans from fee-for-service to pay-for-value programs and risk arrangements.

RowdMap, Inc. Continues to Expand, Opens BoatYard Studios in Portland, ME

RowdMap, Inc. is expanding, opening a second location, BoatYard Studios, in Portland, ME, RowdMap, Inc. was founded in 2011 with headquarters, BoatHouse Studios, located in Louisville, KY. BoatYard Studios will support RowdMap, Inc.'s marked growth across diverse clients with national and regional payers and providers in 42 states and the District of Columbia covering over 75MM patients.

United States Chief Data Officer & HHS CTO on RowdMap

US Chief Data Scientist DJ Patil and Department of Health and Human Services Chief Technology Officer break out into spontaneous praise of RowdMap as example of creating meaning and value at this RockHealth video interview (fast forward to 18:05).

HHS Chief Technology Officer Highlights RowdMap as Example of Innovation, Market Impact

Post from the HHS IdeaLab by Susannah Fox, CTO of HHS, on RowdMap as example of value and meaning. "Our efforts to open every spigot on every data pipeline has created a wellspring of public and private innovation that gives value and meaning to the pursuit of health that we in government had never imagined."

RowdMap Co-Founder Joins United States Ambassadors in Dialogue on International Health, Innovation and Policy

Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, Co-Founder at RowdMap, Inc. speaks at Meridian Leadership Dialogue on International Health, Innovation and Policy joining French and US and French Ambassadors and Health and Human Services (HHS) Assistant Secretary for Global Affairs.

RowdMap CSO Joins Former Administrator of CMS and CMO of Optum Labs to Translate Value of Public Data

Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at RowdMap, Inc., joins Jonathan Blum, Former Principal Deputy Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid and Paul Wallace, MD, Chief Medical of Optum Labs to translate the value of public health data to health plans at Health Datapalooza. The three all serve on the Steering Committee of Health Datapalooza charged with translating the value of public health data to health plans and risk-bearing providers.

RowdMap, Inc. Co-founder and Former US CTO Aneesh Chopra Keynote Innovation Exchange: Digital Health Edition

RowdMap, Inc. Chief Scientific Officer Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, and former United States Chief Technology Officer Aneesh Chopra, Keynote Innovation Exchange: Health Care Edition from by Health Collaborative, Cintrifuse and PricewaterhouseCoopers. Rosenthal's addressed focused on how innovators could use public government data to both create market value and avoid obsolescence.

RowdMap CSO Joins Health Datapalooza Steering Committee to Help Health Plans and Physicians Use Open Health Data

Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of RowdMap, Inc. joins the Health Datapalooza 2016 Steering Committee, a public-private event dedicated to using open health data to improve healthcare. Rosenthal serves alongside Kavita Patel, Senior Fellow, Brookings Institution and Former Director of Policy, The White House; Niall Brennan, Chief Data Officer CMS; Mandi Bishop, Health Plan Analytics Innovation, Dell; Jonathan Blum, Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs at CareFirst Blue Cross.

HealthCare BootCamp to Help Developers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators Use Data to Address Healthcare Delivery

RowdMap, Inc. Joins IBM Bluemix, Sendero Health Plans, City of Austin Innovation Office, The University of Texas at Austin Dell Medical School, Design Institute for Health, Latino HealthCare Forum Community HealthCare Workers, St. David's Foundation, and the Rundberg Health & Wellness Initiative in the Cultivate Health Center for Healthy Communities.

Newly Released Government Health Data Key for Doctors Considering Traditional, Next-Gen or Virtual ACOs

RowdMap, Inc. Speaks at Florida Association of Accountable Care Organizations (FLAACOS) to assist Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) on using government benchmark data to determine whether physicians will be successful in traditional ACOs, next-generation ACOS, virtual ACOs or other risk arrangements.

RowdMap Joins the National Association of ACOs to Use Newly Released Government Benchmark Data

RowdMap partners with the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations (NAACOS) to contribute to public policy, education on payment models and best practices, and establish national metrics for benchmarking data.

Public Data Wins as Common Ground for Payers & Providers in Sharing Risk

RowdMap uses public data to identify unnecessary spending and no value care, 30 cents of every dollar and up to 42% of patient care each year. Unnecessary spend drove Fee for Service billing, but mitigating it means success in risk arrangements, and for patients access to care for those who need it, lower costs, better experiences and fewer complications and negative outcomes . RowdMap uses public data to identify which physicians, hospitals and networks are driving this and who will success in Pay for Value.

RowdMap, Inc. Wins EY Entrepreneur Of The Year®

RowdMap's co-founders won Ernst and Young's EY Entrepreneur Of The Year®. The award recognizes financial viability, innovation and company and community service. Winning the award is an honor for Team RowdMap and our mission to help health plans, government payers, providers, and hospital systems develop Risk-Readiness strategies to excel as they transition from fee-for-service to pay-for value.

Newly Released Government Health Data Key for Doctors, Hospitals in CMS / CMMI Value Based Care Programs

RowdMap, Inc. talks about Using Government Benchmarks to Intelligently Transition into Value-Based Care and Delivery at Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services / Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation Kentucky State Innovation Model Conference.

Newly Government Data Key for Doctors, Hospitals Moving to Pay for Value Risk Arrangements

RowdMap speaks on how doctors and hospitals can use newly released government data to intelligently transition into risk-sharing arrangements and delivering an analysis of providers and their performance against national and regional benchmarks for unnecessary spend and no value care at the 2015 national conference of CAPG – The Voice of Accountable Physician Groups.

RowdMap, Inc. Joins Rothman Institute at MGMA to Help Doctors Use Public Health Data to Capture Hidden Value

RowdMap, Inc. Joins the Rothman Institute at the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) 2015 National Conference on using government benchmark data to identify and capture hidden value for physicians entering value-based risk arrangements.

RowdMap CSO Joins FTC, HHS and IMS to Help Health Care Companies Use Public Data

Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer at RowdMap, Inc., joins Cora Han, Senior Attorney, Division of Privacy and Identity Protection, Federal Trade Commission; Christina Heide, Acting Deputy Director for Health Information Privacy, Office for Civil Rights, U.S. Department of Health & Human Services; and Kim Gray, Chief Privacy Officer, IMS Health to help health care companies use public data to improve security at Health Datapalooza.

Whoa, Even More Press

RowdMap, Inc. Joins Health Care Service Corporation (HCSC) at AHIP to Help Health Plans Curate Strategic Networks

RowdMap, Inc. Speaks with HCSC Health Care Service Corporation at America's Health Insurance Plans National Conferences on Medicare and Medicaid and Dual Eligibles Summit on using government benchmark data to create a risk-ready network to succeed in value-based market.

Putting Data To Work To Improve Health

There are plenty of challenges to using data in healthcare from a lack of standards to regulatory frameworks and policies. "Data doesn't work if you can't use it. Currently, we face several barriers to the full utilization of data to improve health." "Fortunately, we have strong examples of data’s potential to improve health and health care. RowdMap is using data to create transparency around cost and value by tracking and analyzing provider spending."

World Leader in Unnecessary Clinical Risk Joins RowdMap

Dr. Henriette Coetzer is an influential name in using health data to create transparency in healthcare practices and policies. Best known for her clinical analytics on unwarranted variation with BUPA and the National Health System (NHS) in the United Kingdom, Dr. Coetzer joins RowdMap as Chief Clinical Risk Officer. Dr. Coetzer is a practicing urgent care physician and her patent-awarded work focuses on preference-sensitive and supply-based practice patterns, unnecessary spend and no value care, its clinical definitions and financial impact.

Pay for Value in Action: Health Care Transformation Task Force

RowdMap is a proud participant on the Health Care Transformation Task Force, contributing to newly released white paper: “Pro-actively Identifying the High-Cost Patient Population: Insights from the Health Care Transformation Task Force.” The paper surveys and summaries best practices for identifying high cost populations with particular applications to the impact of these populations on the transition from fee for service arrangements to value based models.

The Health Data Revolution Enters An Awkward Adolescence

Public data is "lazy data," Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius, it's "data that is locked away or difficult to access." "Put it all together and you get a big bucket of fail" says Josh Rosenthal, of "RowdMap, a Web-based business management platform." Today the data comes from a variety of different sources, is difficult to work with. At the same time, it's incredibly powerful and particularly relevant for changing economic incentives in the health care deliver system. These are indeed the wonder years.

Health Data Consortium Spotlights Startups Making Use of Open Health Data

"RowdMap uses open health data to track a provider’s spending and how they compare with competitors against certain quality measures. It created a web-based platform that uses pre-loaded open health data."

Making Health Data Open Source with Public-Private Partnerships

"The goal is to make data across different sectors more accessible for the sake of improving patient care. The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the California HealthCare Foundation, Merck, Athenahealth, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) and startups such as RowdMap are among the collaborative entities that are on board."

Open Data and Capitalism

RowdMap featured in an article by Michael Millenson as start up in open health data movement and power of opening data to create value in markets.

Open Health Data: Finally Catching up to Weather and Geolocation Data

Joshua Rosenthal PhD, RowdMap's Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, speaks at South by Southwest (SXSW) along with the Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), Bryan Sivak, on the state of open health data and what it means for innovation within the industry.

Risk-Ready Providers are Key to Successful Networks in ACA Programs

RowdMap, Inc. talks about Using Government Benchmarks to Configure Your Network Around Risk-Ready Providers at California Association of Health Plan's Seminar.

A Different Approach to Visualizing Data

"RowdMap, Inc. uses a children's artist to visualize information to avoid appearing generic and because it gives the company better utilization tools." The point is to empower users to understand, interpret and apply the information. The experience should surprise and even delight.

No Value Care, Unnecessary Spend and Pay for Value

An interview with Health Innovation Media on "This Week in Health Innovation" about public data, how to use it to intelligently transition to Pay for Value arrangements with special attention to risk adjustment and ACOs. Plus, the role of the Health Data Consortium and Health Dataplooza in using data to power meaningful innovation. (Works best in Internet Explorer IE web browser.)

Not Every Business Needs to Be a Data Company

"Not every company can be a data company." You hear about successes but not the failures. "Companies that waste time and money trying to squeeze value from Big Data or other data projects don’t hire PR firms to put out press releases." Let someone else do it for you while you focus on using the information. Someone like RowdMap. "They were able to use the government’s open health care data sets, applied analytics and some visualization to address common health care business problems, then bundle it as a solution."

RowdMap, Inc. Named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2015 Award Finalist

Ernst & Young (EY) has announced RowdMap Inc. co-founders as finalists for the EY Entrepreneur Of The Year® 2015. The award recognizes excellence and extraordinary success in such areas as innovation, financial performance, and personal commitment to businesses and communities.

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