RowdMap, Inc. at 2017 Health Datapalooza with HHS, the VA, AMA, NIH, CareMore and Geisinger

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Adam Moody, Marshall Votta, and Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, of RowdMap, Inc. speak at the Health Datapalooza Conference, joining the Department of Health and Human Services, the Department for Veteran’s Affairs, the American Medical Association, and the National Institutes of Health, CareMore Health Plan and Geisinger Health, focusing on the importance and market adoption of high-value care

Washington, D.C. April 27-28 — High-Value care gets highlighted on the main stage at this year’s Health Datapalooza. Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, Chief Scientific Officer of RowdMap, Inc will be speaking with Sachin Jain, Chief Executive Officer, CareMore and Jaewon Ryu, Chief Medical Officer, Geisinger Health on the increasing market adoption of high-value care, as an emerging trend in healthcare delivery. The session will cover topics such as personalized medicine and population health, but will also focus on payers and providers mitigating low-value care and delivering high-value care.



Health Datapalooza will also be featuring Marshall Votta, Chief Market Officer of RowdMap, Inc. and Adam Moody, Director of Data Operations of RowdMap, Inc. as speakers at this year’s conference.

Votta will be joined by Patty Brown, Senior Vice President, Managed Care & Population Health of Johns Hopkins Health Care and Richard Clarke, Vice President, Advanced Analytics and Reporting at HighMark in a session titled, “Managing Risk through Network Design.” The session will include a discussion of how health plans traditionally have managed risk through demand, products, and pricing, but are now shifting to managing their risk through supply, specifically through the cost of network ownership.

Adam Moody will be featured in the Innovation Showcase with Abdul Shaikh of PricewaterhouseCoopers and other select innovators. Moody will also participate in a security focused panel entitled “Patient Privacy Blockchain, Encryption, and Synthetic Data” with Jason Wolinski of Mitre and Deborah Peel of Patient Privacy Rights, showcasing the power of public data to mitigate security risks.

“Delivering high-value care is the next great frontier for using data to meaningfully benefit health plans, hospitals and physicians, and patients and members and we are proud to be featured as innovators in this space. The innovation here is not only in data science and data models, or simply through thought leadership, but in actually delivering high-value care to 100 million consumers in 49 states across all lines of business,” said Adam Moody.