RowdMap Awarded Federal Trademark by the United States Patent Office

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RowdMap, Inc. has been awarded a federal trademark certificate by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the image RowBoat.  This service mark reflects RowdMap, Inc.’s work in helping identify providers and networks capable of succeeding in risk-bearing and pay for value arrangements.


The United States Patent and Trademark Office awarded RowdMap, Inc. a federal trademark certificate for the RowBoat image. Previously, the office awarded RowdMap a trademark on the term “Risk-Readiness” for helping providers’ networks succeed in risk-bearing and pay-for-value arrangements.




The boat symbolizes the way in which RowdMap helps both payers and providers navigate the currents of change and trends, such as delivering high-value care. “In a sea of change and confusion, the trick is knowing when to rise with the tide and when to navigate through the rocks, knowing what’s a ripple on the surface and what’s a deep current,” said Melanie Rosenthal, Chief Executive Officer, RowdMap, Inc.

The United States Patent Office further elaborates on the image and its significance, “The mark consists of a rowboat with brown oars dipped into blue water appearing below the rowboat, the rowboat being outlined in brown, the upper portion of the hull, inside and out, being orange, and the remainder of the hull, inside and out, being tan.” Reg. No. 5,145,294.

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