Eric Andreoli, Ryan Melander, and Ben Frauhiger Speak at University of Louisville School of Bioengineering

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Eric Andreoli, Ryan Melander, and Ben Frauhiger spoke to a group of University of Louisville bioengineering graduate students as part of an all-day bootcamp event encompassing the FDA, regulatory approval, and intellectual property law and concerns.




Eric, Ryan, and Ben will covered payer reimbursement, the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care, the definition, examples, and impact of low-value care, and how to use these concepts to create value propositions for their products, services, devices, and procedures.

“It’s not enough to invent or take something to market that simply improves quality, lowers cost, or benefits patient experience. Products, services, and devices that enable, scale, and support high-value care stand to deliver massive value to payers, providers, and patients for decades to come,” said Eric Andreoli, RowdMap, Inc.

“The trick is not just to design something cool, but something that works in real world delivery systems. That requires great technology, an understanding of clinical drivers, and also aligning different sections of the healthcare delivery system which may have divergent goals and value propositions of their own,” said Ryan Melander, RowdMap, Inc.

“Technologists, data scientists, and analysts need to not only be aware of these dynamics and influences in order to insure that whatever they’re designing succeeds in a real world environment, but these contexts should also inform their designs in order to create not only cool products, but cool products that work in the real world,” said Ben Frauhiger, RowdMap, Inc.