About RowdMap

RowdMap’s Risk-Readiness® Benchmarks help health plans, physician groups, and hospital systems identify, quantify, and reduce low-value care that physicians deliver—a central tenet of successful pay-for-value programs.

About Risk-Readiness®

Risk-Readiness®, at its core, describes payers and providers that can successfully identify and manage unwarranted variation in order to reduce low-value care.

About Our Platform & Services

RowdMap's Risk-Readiness® platform comes pre-loaded with government benchmarks out of the box — no IT integration required. Clients receive a concierge approach through a series of engagements.

About Our Products

Payers and providers use RowdMap’s Risk-Readiness® Benchmarks to intelligently participate in pay-for-value programs, negotiate with partners, and profile physician performance.

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In a Nutshell

For a summary of how health plans and physicians and hospitals work with RowdMap's Risk Risk-Readiness® Benchmarks to create high-value care and succeed in value-based payment, see Managed Care's article: "As CMS Opens the Data Vault, Entrepreneurs Build a How-to-Use-It Guide." "CMS’s data-liberation movement is helping to accelerate the transition to value- and risk-based payment systems. For payers and providers, the trick is knowing what to do with the data."

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