RowdMap‘s founders and senior leadership have started and led some of the most innovative, industry-changing healthcare, analytics and technology companies over the past two decades. They created intelligence platforms and services to improve member experience and patient outcomes while increasing client profitability. They’ve been successful because they use deep expertise to build products and services around making data actionable for leaders to create strategy and tactically manage their businesses. With RowdMap, they’re using their experience and their understanding to help plans and providers navigate the fast-changing healthcare market.

Team RowdMap

Ivy Leaguers from Yale, Cornell, Penn to self-taught whiz-kids and prodigies, with decades of healthcare experience but energetic and passionate about it.

From real-time data systems with hundreds of millions of members, cutting-edge machine learning and predictive modeling and translating academic concepts to concrete business tactics, our work's won awards from Business Week, Entrepreneur Magazine and national health care associations.

Our crew covers, data and systems, software and platforms, analytics and visualization and strategy and professional services, just like peas and carrots.

We've been told we look better as illustrations.