RowdMap takes a fundamentally different approach to analyzing health care data. RowdMap is not a dashboard. RowdMap combines government and health data sets to create proxy metrics and automated analysis so leaders can quickly make decisions about the people, doctors, and hospitals they serve in their specific geographies.

RowdMap allows health care organizations to create cohorts of performance and compare specific entities within the health care ecosystem (i.e., doctors, hospitals, facilities) to peers through national benchmarks.

Unwarranted Variation

RowdMap's Risk-Readiness® Platform helps identify “unwarranted variation” in the practice of medicine. This term was defined decades ago by medical researchers at Dartmouth to describe the collective practice pattern fingerprints of physicians around the country. Some physicians prefer to start with less intensive treatment options, while others may send patients straight to surgery. In other cases, treatments vary by geography. Understanding this variation is a significant key to success in pay-for-value programs.


RowdMap combines over 100 different publicly available data sources to create powerful proxy metrics health care organizations can use to manage Risk-Readiness strategies. RowdMap’s data sources come from four major categories:

Government health data

RowdMap takes traditional government health data like Medicare Advantage bid data or Exchange Enrollments by Zip and identifies insights so business users can quickly understand and react to market changes.

Academic health data

RowdMap layers on a level of analysis to academic datasets that have traditionally been undecipherable or inaccessible for business leaders and their teams including the Dartmouth Atlas.

Socio-economic and demographic data

RowdMap incorporates a variety of census datasets that fall into these categories that have not traditionally been used by health care organizations and Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BRFSS) datasets.

RowdMap’s proprietary sentiment data

RowdMap collects a variety of sentiment data on health behaviors and consumer views of health care organizations across the United States using multi-year Google Analytics Surveys.



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