RowdMap’s Risk-Readiness® platform brings an entirely new user and visual experience to health care data. Our team relies heavily on the expertise of a Tufte-protégé as well as a children’s book illustrator to convey information in a new, exciting, and insightful way.

Data Navigator

Want to view data by zip code? Or on a map? Or in table? Users choose how they want data displayed in the RowdMap platform.

Earn Badges

Users move from Newbies to Ninjas as they use RowdMap's Risk-Readiness® Benchmarks more and more. Earn badges and earn RowdMap schwag as you move from level to level!

Help and Explanations

Want to know the definition or source of a data element? Just hover over key terms to understand, or you could go to a views Help button to understand how to use it.

Share and Present

Want to share a view, dashboard or report card? Users share links or export reports and presentations as PowerPoint or PDF.

Enjoy the Experience


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