Optimizing Existing Network for New Market Segment Expansion

Tasked with building a new network for a market segment expansion, a health plan’s network team decided to use RowdMap’s physician benchmarks to add higher performing physicians and remove lower performing physicians from an existing baseline network instead of starting from scratch. This approach resulted in substantial medical economic savings that could then be used to enrich benefits.

Targeted Sales and Marketing with Highest Performing Practices

Looking to increase ROI from sales and marketing efforts, a health plan used RowdMap’s benchmarks to identify and target sales and marketing efforts around during an annual enrollment period. These efforts resulted in significant savings as membership grew into practices with more efficient physicians.

Modeling Narrow Specialty Network Savings

After board mandate for profitability for a specific market segment, a plan used RowdMap’s physician benchmarks as a core input to a strategy to narrow specialty networks. RowdMap identified specialists to remove and add as well as modeled the financial impacts to that plan’s future profitability.



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