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RowdMap is a payer-provider, value-based analytics company employing Risk-Readiness® Benchmarks to assist health plans, physician groups, and hospital systems identify, quantify, and reduce low-value care. Payers and physicians use RowdMap’s physician and population health benchmarks to create strategies that put the highest performing physicians at the center of networks and then design products, organize clinical programs, and coordinate sales and marketing around them. RowdMap is excited to join Cotiviti to expand solutions in supporting healthcare transition to value. Combined solutions target over $600 billion of $900+ billion in waste, abuse and low-value care.

The RowdMap Story

The RowdMap story has an unlikely beginning — it all began with a dare. RowdMap’s founders had years of experience working with member and claim-level data, predictive models, and provider profiling from the Dartmouth Atlas for Unwarranted Variation. One day we bumped into Todd Park, who was beginning his work championing data liberation as the Chief Technology of Officer of the United States Department of Health and Human Services. He dared us to do something great. Todd Park went on to become the CTO of the United States. The liberated government data has become an essential input to success in pay-for-value. RowdMap has gone on to exceed all expectations. 

RowdMap and Health Data Liberation

RowdMap strongly supports health data liberation movement and has even filed several Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests to make government health care data public. RowdMap is a proud member of the Health Data Consortium, an organization that advocates for broader releases of government health care data. RowdMap also works closely with the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to encourage additional releases of government health data. RowdMap's use of government health data has been profiled by NPR and Dell's Tech Page One.


RowdMap Is Excited to Join Cotiviti to Expand Solutions in Supporting Healthcare System Transition to Value

Cotiviti Adds Complementary Value-Based Payer Solution to Broaden Focus on Eliminating Waste in Healthcare Expenditures.

“The trend toward value-based care increases the complexity associated with payment and creates a greater need for Cotiviti’s payment accuracy services,” said Doug Williams, Cotiviti’s Chief Executive Officer. “With the addition of RowdMap, we will be able to offer adjacent solutions to payment accuracy that together target over $600 billion of the estimated $900+ billion in waste and abuse in healthcare expenditures. Cotiviti can now offer our health plan clients an even more comprehensive portfolio of solutions to address medical and payment policies, provider network and contract management, and value-based care and reimbursement models. Together, we will be able to provide differentiated value to our clients through enhanced capabilities and expanded solutions.”

“RowdMap is very excited to join with Cotiviti,” said Melanie Rosenthal, RowdMap’s Chief Executive Officer. “Together we offer complementary solutions that provide tangible medical cost improvements. In addition to a shared commitment and focus on delivering results to our clients, our common values and missions unite us as we collaboratively work to improve the healthcare system by reducing unnecessary costs and supporting the transition from volume to value.”

RowdMap Helps Health Plans and Physicians and Hospitals Succeed in Value-Based Care

For a summary of how payers and providers work with RowdMap's Risk Risk-Readiness® Benchmarks to create high-value care and succeed in value-based payment, see Managed Care's article: "As CMS Opens the Data Vault, Entrepreneurs Build a How-to-Use-It Guide" - bit.ly/CMSHowToGuide

"CMS’s data-liberation movement is helping to accelerate the transition to value- and risk-based payment systems. For payers and providers, the trick is knowing what to do with the data."

"Having the data is one thing. Knowing how to use it is another. Applying its computational power to the data, RowdMap puts providers into high-, medium-, and low-value buckets compared with peers in their markets, using specific benchmarks to show why outliers differ from the norm. RowdMap has developed 'no-value care' and population-health profiles for every physician and hospital in the country."

"The beauty of it all is that as fee for service fades into the rearview mirror, the road ahead is paved not only with good intentions but with data that are publicly available, waiting to be harnessed and not locked away in a proprietary database."

RowdMap Actively Partners with U.S. News & World Report

Patients researching Best Hospitals or Doctors on www.usnews.com will be able to access information on treatments by geographic location to identify whether physicians in their region tend to over-treat. In addition to putting patients at additional risk these procedures account for millions in wasted health care spending each year.

"It's no secret that patients often undergo unnecessary procedures that can be dangerous and costly. Through our collaboration with RowdMap, we are providing patients with meaningful information about these no- or low-value treatments, allowing them to make better, more informed decisions about their doctors, hospitals and medical care."

RowdMap Actively Participates with and Supports

Health Datapalooza

Sponsor, organizer and participant with Health Datapalooza, the marquis public-private conference run by AcademyHealth dedicated to translating the value of public health data to health plans, providers and consumers.

The National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics

RowdMap management is a inaugural member of the NCHVS Data Use and Access group of the NCHVS, Advising the Secretary of Health and Human Services on health information policy.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Participant with multiple Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiatives including the Aligning Forces for Quality. AF4Q and RWJ are dedicated to meaningful, lasting change with the goal of building a Culture of Health.

Valence Health: Solutions for Value-Based Care

Active partners with Valence Health: Solutions for Value-Based Care. “By leveraging RowdMap, Inc.’s unique Risk-Readiness® analytics, our combined offering allows providers and health plans to get rapid insight into their current ability to successfully take on risk-based arrangements, and take the necessary steps to ensure and optimize their success.” R. Andrew Eckert, CEO of Valence Health.

Health Care Transformation Task Force

Participant on the HCTTF, a collaboration of payers and providers committed to putting 75% of their business in pay for value arrangements, and contributes to identifying and evaluating cost drivers in systems. RowdMap contributes to white papers including the evaluation criteria for value-based programs.

Health Plan Alliance

Partner of the Health Plan Alliance, association of health plans including provider-owned plans with members who span the country and are leaders in ten of the top twenty US markets. RowdMap provides market and member benchmarks for HPA's members including population behavior, projected profitability and provider practice patterns at member Value Visits on topics including Risk Adjustment & Revenue Cycle Management.

CAPG - The Voice of Accountable Physician Groups

Friend of CAPG - The Voice of Accountable Physician Groups. RowdMap benchmarks the CAPG membership and presented at national conference, finding that "CAPG members appear to perform higher than national and regional benchmarks for reducing low-value care reflecting a solid position for success in risk arrangements."

National Association of ACOs

Partner of the National Association of Accountable Care Organizations in NAACOS efforts to use government benchmark data to excel in pay for value arrangements whether traditional ACOs, Next generations ACOs or 'Virtual ACOs'.

Florida Association of ACOs

Contributing to the Florida Association of Accountable Care Organizations in FLAACO's efforts in this unique market to use government benchmark data to excel in traditional, next-gen and virtual ACOs.

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