Join Us at the Healthcare Entrepreneurs’ BootCamp at Health Datapalooza

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Health Datapalooza

Weather and geo-location data are easy-peasy compared to open health data where the government is rocking but entrepreneurs and innovators struggle to keep up. The government is changing incentives for payment and care delivery and pumping out new data to make it work. Despite the massive opportunity, the rub comes when aspiring entrepreneurs try to take the cool idea, tech or data and match it with a business model. This interactive session uses a games-based approach to creating meaning from data and is stocked full of absolute experts from across the industry all geared up to help take your idea from the back of a napkin to delivering value in the marketplace. This BootCamp has met wild success at Harvard, Hopkins and MIT and is now open at Health Datapalooza to anyone interested in connecting public data to proven value propositions. Come with an idea you want to explore or just a interest in how to tie cool data and tech to the core delivery in the healthcare ecosystem.



Health Data Consortium

The Health Data Consortium is a public-private partnership working to foster the availability and innovative use of open health data to improve health and healthcare.  Our mission is to liberate health data to ignite innovation; promote collaboration among health data users and stakeholders; encourage responsible health data use; and hasten the movement through advocacy, education, and targeted “catalyst” programs. In an effort to connect open data with market value, HDC will feature the Healthcare Entrepreneur’s BootCamp as core curriculum to innovators.  As part of a core mission to foster innovation, HDC will provide 1-year individual HDC memberships to the members of a team that BootCamp judges designate based on that team’s game play around connecting open data with business value.



Open Data & You

CMS has recently announced that they are sun-setting Fee-for-Service payment model in favor of Pay-for-Value.  This is a major change in the business model of healthcare and significantly realigns incentives for all parties.    At the same time HHS has been making headlines by opening the data vaults and liberating the data to measure the progress and impact of these new payment models along with the source data to power innovation.  Success comes from connecting the two and working through the fusion of new market incentives and newly liberated data takes practice.  This boot camp brings together industry icons, wild innovators and the public for the express purpose of connecting open health data with value propositions core to the Pay-for-Value future of US healthcare.


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Join Us

Tuesday, June 2 – 4:15-5:30 pm;  Washington, D.C., Marriott Wardman Park


Sujata Bhatia, MD, PhD, Harvard University

Niall Brennan, Chief Data Officer, Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Mohit Kaushal, MD, Partner Aberdare Ventures and HDP Steering Committee

Joshua Rosenthal, PhD, RowdMap Inc. and NCHVS Data Group

Marshall Votta, Leverage Health Solutions and HDC Advisory Council


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